Who we are

JVS GROUP has been one of the most important promoters in Central and Eastern Europe since 2000. In addition to the concerts of world stars and large corporate events, JVS GROUP primarily organizes world exhibitions that aim not only to entertain visitors, but also to educate them and provide them with knowledge and information.

Thanks to world exhibitions such as Titanic, Body Exhibition, Tutankhamun, Mummies of the World and Inca Gold which JVS GROUP brought to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, the promoter has built a strong reputation on the market and became synonymous with successful and interesting exhibitions for the whole family. JVS GROUP also invites students of elementary and secondary schools to all exhibitions as they are a great supplement to their curriculum.

In 2016, JVS GROUP entered the world market for large family exhibitions and, in collaboration with the American Museum and Cosmosphere Education Center, built a spectacular Cosmos Discovery exhibition mapping space travel and man’s journey to space all the way from from the very first dreams about the stars to the contemporary era with current and scheduled missions into space. With this unique exhibition unprecedented in Europe, JVS GROUP has intrigued visitors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal and Italy.

In addition to large family exhibitions, the JVS GROUP organizes grand scale world concerts every year with musicians such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Mireille Mathieu, Lara Fabian, Paul Anka, Ringo Starr, Jean Michel Jarre, Bonnie Tyler, Tony Bennett and many others. JVS GROUP also hosts ballet performances of the Royal Moscow Ballet and children’s musical Masha and the Bear.

At present, JVS GROUP has permanent representation in Slovakia, in Poland and Hungary.