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JVS group

JVS Group specializes in the promotion, creation, design, production and tour-management of large international exhibitions, concerts, cultural events and shows.

Our traveling exhibitions are high quality, educational, entertaining and interactive. We developed and produced the largest touring exhibition about space Cosmos Discovery and promoted world-famous exhibitions such as Inca Gold, Titanic, The Body Exhibition, Mummies Of The World and Tutankhamun.


Have fun with us! Bring world exhibitions and live events from the biggest stars of music right to you.

Since the year 2000, JVS GROUP has organized world exhibitions and concerts in the Czech Republic.

Gradually, the company has expanded to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary currently operating in the market of more than 65 million potential customers.

Thanks to many years of experience JVS are masters when it comes to the  technical aspects and security of exhibitions and concerts, with everything from different conditions  to different cities or even states, JVS GROUP has a team of experts who can perfectly implement the event to your needs. Included amongst all this as a part of the full service we provide is a clear marketing strategy that will bring you success with your audience and visitors.

Cosmos discovery

Cosmos Discovery

COSMOS DISCOVERY – the largest touring space travel exhibition in the world

The spectacular exhibition COSMOS DISCOVERY was created in cooperation with NASA and the Cosmosphere Museum. More than 200 original exhibits map the crucial steps and evolution of the journey into space.

Inca Gold

The Gold Treasure of the Incas

The desire for gold is eternal. Gold is the symbol of gods and rulers, an universal currency as well as a curse. Gold has gone along mankind for thousands of years. Uncover the mythical golden treasure of the Incas, enter the blood-filled history of the settlement of the Americas, discover old civilizations and their rituals.


This exhibition was created with the support of the Government of Peru, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Peru. Even though 200 years may not seem like a significant milestone from the point of view of Europeans, the roots of this country go back thousands of years and the the gold treasure and many other original exhibits are a great proof of the rich histo