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od 29. 4. 2019 do 12. 10. 2019
Komplex, Budapest



The Gold Treasure of the Incas

The desire for gold is eternal. Gold is the symbol of gods and rulers, an universal currency as well as a curse. Gold has gone along mankind for thousands of years. Uncover the mythical golden treasure of the Incas, enter the blood-filled history of the settlement of the Americas, discover old civilizations and their rituals.


This exhibition was created with the support of the Government of Peru, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Peru. Even though 200 years may not seem like a significant milestone from the point of view of Europeans, the roots of this country go back thousands of years and the the gold treasure and many other original exhibits are a great proof of the rich history.


This is the first time that this gold treasure leaves the South American continent to be exhibited in Europe and present Peru’s rich history. The unique collection from the days of the mythical civilization of the Incas contains hundreds of exhibits. The visitor will be amazed not only by their historical value but also by the tremendously high price of the gold itself.

The exhibition illustrates the entire history of the settlement of the American continent. The mysticism of bloody rituals and the worshipping of gold as a divine essence makes their civilizations literally a legendary empire that, as it stunned the Spanish conquerors in the past, arouses astonishment and respect to this day. Pre-Columbian South America had hosted several great civilizations. The Inca civilization is one of the most important of them. Apart from the world famous Machu Picchu, they also left behind tremendous gold treasure. For the Incas, gold was the essence of divinity and the gold objects could only be owned and touched by members of the ruling caste – descendants of the gods.


The Spanish conquerors were amazed by the amount of gold they found at this location. The freedom of the captured chieftains was bought back with a quantity of gold equal to their weight. Many gold objects of incredible historical value were melted and transported to Europe, which was then literally shook by the gold fever and the desire to find Eldorado –  the gold city supposedly located in the forests of South America. This only led to further bloody looting and killing of indigenous people.


Although these exhibits are only remains of the original treasure, the exhibition still amazes visitors today. Traces of ancient history are literally engraved into gold plates, masks, jewellery and sacrificial knives. For the original inhabitants of the empire, gold was not a sign of wealth, as it is for Europeans, but a symbol of the gods themselves.


The gold Incan treasure, thousands of years old original exhibits, models of real buildings and ritual sites, many of the latest scientific discoveries and illustrated graphic panels of the exhibition are completed with cinema and TV screens showing documentaries from current archaeological sites. Enjoy the interactive zone where you can literally enter the sacred places or become an ancient warrior in 3D reality.


For our younger visitors we set up a Children Gold Treasure Hunt, filled with various tasks and games. Students are provided with worksheets and a quiz, exploring topics regarding not only the gold treasure, but also the history of the American continent.